[The 100th Anniversary of Nankai University] Just 30 Days left: Nankai University Publish The Events to Celebrate its 100th Anniversary


September 17th, with 30 days left to its 100th Anniversary, the university of Nankai held a news conference, during which the president Cao Xuetaoacademician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering sent an invitation to global alumni and people of ages titled “Nankai New Centennial @ You”. He also introduced the series of events for the 100th Anniversary.

Partcipants included the Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee, Shi Gang, and the Vice President Li Jing. The Vice President Wang Xinsheng hosted the news conference.

Mr. Cao announced that Nankai University will celebrate its 100th Anniversary this year on October 17th. On January 17th, President Xi Jinping visited Nankai University and fully appreciated the achievements it had made for the cause of education, especially for its patriotic tradition and culture. This is a supreme honor for Nankai University, which directs its way to more progress and development. With  a particular emphasis on “patriotism, academic improvement, cultural construction and arduous endeavor”, the commemorative events of the 100th Anniversary of Nankai University will consist of four sections, including summary and publicity, academic exchanges, culture and commemoration, alumni and development.

In addition, the series of events for the 100th Anniversary were announced:

1. October 17th in the morning, the Commemorative Meeting of the 100th Anniversary of Nankai University will be held at the Sports Center of Balitai campus with an audience of 4600 people.

2. October 17th in the evening, the Commemorative Gala of the 100th Anniversary of Nankai University will be held at the Sports Center of Balitai campus, in order to show the patriotic path of the university and the Nankai spirit. 

3. From October 15th to 16th, the World University Presidents Forum will be held at Xingshen Building of the Balitai campus. Presidents of dozens of universities home and abroad will get together and explore the theme “The Mission and Capability Building of World-class Universities”.

4. From the beginning of October, “The Commemorative Exhibition of  the 100th Anniversary of Nankai University” will be held at the Faculty Center of Balitai campus. The centennial development of Nankai University will be shown in a multi-dimensional and panoramic way. Meanwhile, a collection of books on the event will be published. 

5. A series of academic events such as “Centennial Nankai Forum””Interdisciplinary Science Forum of The 100th Anniversary of Nankai University”will be held so as to improve the academic impact of Nankai University and to realize the prosperity of Nankai’s culture.

6. From October 18th to October 20th, the Tianjin Forum will provide a platform for delegates from political, business and academic sectors and house over a hundred presidents of Global Nankai Alumni Association to discuss the theme “Technology Empowered City and Regional Governance Innovation” and “Universities and Urban Development”.

7. On October 9th, the “Centennial Nankai” Dragon Boat Invitational Race for Prestigious Universities will be held along the Haihe river (from Daguangming Bridge to Baoding Bridge). It will involve 300 players of 18 teams from 14 universities of 4 continents, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Regions and domestic regions.

8. In commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Nankai University, the University will issue a collection of commemorative stamps and a collection of commemorative coins.

The President Cao Xuetao together with the Heads of the Office for the 100th Anniversary of Nankai University and the preparatory team also replied to a series of questions on various topics.

Source: Nankai News

Written by Lan Fang and Wu Junhui

Photographed by Nie Jici

Edited by David